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  • Title: An Humorous Day's Mirth (Quarto 1, 1599)
  • Editor: Eleanor Lowe
  • Coordinating editor: Brett Greatley-Hirsch
  • General textual editor: Helen Ostovich
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-513-1

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    Author: George Chapman
    Editor: Eleanor Lowe
    Peer Reviewed

    An Humorous Day's Mirth (Quarto 1, 1599)

    An humorous
    Ki. What Queene fortune with child, shall we haue
    yong fortunes my host?
    1960Host. I am abused, and if it please your Maiestie.
    Maid. Ile play no more.
    Lem. No faith you need not now, you haue plaid your
    bellie full alreadie.
    Host. Stand still good Iaquena, they do but ieast.
    1965Maid. Yea, but I like no such ieasting.
    Lem. Come great Queene Fortune, let see your posies,
    what madam, alas, your ladiship is one of the last.
    Coun. What is my posie sir I pray?
    Lem. Marie Madam your posie is made in maner and
    1970forme of an Eccho, as if you were seeking your husbande,
    and fortune should be the Eccho, and this you say: where is
    my husband hid so long vnmaskt, maskt? sayes the Eccho,
    but in what place sweete Fortune? let me heare: heare sayes
    the Eccho.
    1975King. There you lie Eccho, for if he were here we must
    needes see him.
    Lem. Indeed sweete King, there me thinkes the Eccho
    must needes lie, if hee were here wee must needes see him,
    tis one of thē that caries the torches: no that cannot be nei-
    1980ther, and yet by the Masse heres Iaques, why my host, did
    not you tell me that Iaques should be a torchbearer: who
    is this? Gods my life, my lord.
    Mor. And you be Gentlemen let me go.
    Coun. Nay come your way, you may be well enough a-
    1985shamed to shew your face that is a periured wretch, did
    not you sweare, if there were any wenches at the ordinarie,
    you yould straight come home.
    King. Why, who tolde you Madam, there were any
    1990Coun. He that will stand to it, Lemot my liege.
    Lem. who I stand to it, alas, I tolde you in kindnesse,
    and good will, because I would not haue you companie
    long from your husband.