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  • Title: An Humorous Day's Mirth (Quarto 1, 1599)
  • Editor: Eleanor Lowe
  • Coordinating editor: Brett Greatley-Hirsch
  • General textual editor: Helen Ostovich
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-513-1

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    Author: George Chapman
    Editor: Eleanor Lowe
    Peer Reviewed

    An Humorous Day's Mirth (Quarto 1, 1599)

    An humorous
    Le. Go to, go to, you are one of those fiddles too yfaith.
    Ki. Well pardon my minion, that hath frayd you thus,
    twas but to make you mery in the end.
    Qu. I ioy it endes so well, my gracious Lord.
    1745Fo. But say my gracious Lord, is no harme done, be-
    tweene my louing daughter, and your grace?
    Ki. No, of my honor and my soule Foyes.
    Dow. The fire of loue which she hath kindled in me be-
    ing greater then my heate of vanity, hath quite expelled.
    1750Ki. Come Dowsecer, receiue with your lost wittes your
    loue, though lost; I know youle yeeld, my lord and you her
    Both Most ioyfully my Lord.
    Ki. And for her part I know her dispositiō well enough.
    1755Lem.What, will you haue her?
    Dow.Yea mary will I.
    Le. Ile go and tell Labesha presently.
    Enter Iaquis, and my Host.
    Ia. Monsieur Lemot, I pray let me speake with you, I
    1760come to you from the Lord Moren, who would desire you
    to speake to the King for my masters lottery, and he hath
    my place to beare a torch, for bare faced hee dares not look
    vpon his wife, for his life.
    Le. O excellent, Ile further thy masters lottery and it be
    1765but for this iest only, harke you my liege, heres the poore
    man hath bin at great charges for the preparation of a lotte-
    ry, and he hath made the rarest deuice, that I know you wil
    take great pleasure in it, I pray let him present it before you
    at Valeres house.
    1770Ki. Whith all my heart, can you be ready so soone?
    Host. Presently and if it like your grace.
    Ki. But hearke you Lemot, how shall we do for euery
    mans posie.
    Le. Will you all trust me with the making of them?
    1775All. With all our hearts.
    Le. Why then Ile go to make the poses and bring Labe-
    sha to the lottery presently.