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  • Title: An Humorous Day's Mirth (Quarto 1, 1599)
  • Editor: Eleanor Lowe
  • Coordinating editor: Brett Greatley-Hirsch
  • General textual editor: Helen Ostovich
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-513-1

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    Author: George Chapman
    Editor: Eleanor Lowe
    Peer Reviewed

    An Humorous Day's Mirth (Quarto 1, 1599)

    An humorous
    1315were any women, I wonder you would suffer any to come
    Lem. Why you swore but by a kisse, and kisses are no
    holie things, you know that.
    Lord. Why but hearke you Lemot, indeed I would be
    1320very loath to do any thing, that if my wife should know it,
    should displease her.
    Le. Nay then you are to obsequious, hearke you, let me
    intreate you, and Ile tell you in secrete, you shall haue no
    worse company then the Kings.
    1325Lord. Why will the King be there?
    Lem. Yea, though disguised.
    Lord. Who are the ladies?
    Lem. The flowers of Paris, I can tell you, faire countesse
    Florila, and the ladie Martia.
    1330Enter Iaque.
    Iaq. Monsieur Lemot, the gentleman and the two Gen-
    tlewomen desire your companie.
    Lem. Ile come to them straight: but Iaques come hither
    I prethee, go to Labesha, and tell him that the Countesse
    1335Florila, and the ladie Martia be here at thy maisters house:
    and if it come in question hereafter, denie that thou tolde
    him any such thing.
    Iaq. What, is this all? Sblood Ile denie it, and forsweare
    it too.
    1340Lem. My Lorde, Ile goe and see the roome be neate
    and fine, and come to you presently.
    Lord. Yea but hearke you Lemot, I prethee take such
    order that they be not knowne of any women in the house.
    Lem. O how shuld they now to his wife go yfaith!Exit.
    1345Iaq. Hearke you, Monsieur Labesha, I pray let me speak
    a worde with you.
    Labe. With all my heart, I pray looke to my stake, theres
    three pence vnder the Candlesticke.
    Iaq. I pray see, do you know the Countesse Florila, and
    1350the ladie Martia?