Digital Renaissance Editions

The Annex

Annex LionThe Annex to Digital Renaissance Editions is an informal site for materials which are of general interest to readers of early English drama. Works-in-progress published in this section of the site have been carefully proofread, but have not yet had a full scholarly review. Those that have been reviewed are in the Library.

In the Annex, the DRE Lion is an unfinished pencil sketch, reflecting the “work-in-progress” content of this section of the site. Illustration by Jillian Player.

Diplomatic Transcriptions

Texts of early English plays, published but not yet fully peer reviewed, are available.

Many of these texts were originally transcribed and encoded for other projects and subsequently donated to Digital Renaissance Editions to transform and publish. Hugh Craig and his research team at the Centre for Literary and Linguistic Computing, University of Newcastle, prepared many texts for use with their Intelligent Archive software for text analysis and authorship attribution tests. Other texts were prepared by Ian Lancashire and his research team at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, University of Toronto, for the CD-ROM accompanying Using TACT with Electronic Texts (MLA, 1996). Other transcriptions are based on those prepared for Phase I of the EEBO Text Creation Partnership, made publicly available in January 2015.

Digital Renaissance Editions gratefully acknowledges the kind donations of these researchers and projects and commends their commitment to making these texts freely available.