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  • Title: The Honest Whore, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1630)
  • Editor: Joost Daalder
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-490-5

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    Author: Thomas Dekker
    Editor: Joost Daalder
    Not Peer Reviewed

    The Honest Whore, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1630)

    The Honest Whore.
    life out of which a Soldier sucks sweetnesse, when this Ar-
    tillery goes off roundly, some must drop to the ground: Can-
    2245non, Demy-cannon, Saker, and Basalisk.
    Lod. Giue fire, Lieutenant.
    Bots. So, so: Must I venture first vpon the breach? to you
    all, Gallants: Bots sets vpon you all.
    Omnes. Its hard (Bots) if we pepper not you, as well as
    2250you pepper vs.

    Enter Candido.
    Lod. My noble Linnen Draper! Some wine: Welcome
    old Lad.
    Mat. Y'are welcome, Signior.
    2255Cand. These Lawnes, sir?
    Mat. Presently, my man is gone for them: we ha rigged
    a Fleet, you see here, to saile about the world.
    Cand. A dangerous Voyage, sailing in such Ships.
    Bots. There's no casting ouer boord yet.
    2260Lod. Because you are an old Lady, I will haue you be ac-
    quainted with this graue Cittizen, pray bestow your lips
    vpon him, and bid him welcome.
    Hors. Any Cittizen shall be most welcome to me:--- I
    haue vsed to buy ware at your shop.
    2265Cand. It may be so, good Madam.
    Hors. Your Prentices know my dealings well; I trust
    your good wife be in good case: if it please you, beare her a
    token from my lips, by word of mouth.
    Cand. I pray no more forsooth, 'tis very well, indeed I
    2270loue no sweet meats:---Sh'as a breath stinkes worse then
    fifty Polecats. Sir, a word, is she a Lady?
    Lod. A woman of a good house, and an ancient, shee's a
    Cand. A Bawde? Sir, Ile steale hence, and see your
    2275Lawnes some other time.
    Mat. Steale out of such company? Pacheco? my man is
    but gone for em: Lieutenant Bots, drinke to this worthy old
    fellow, and teach him to flie hie.
    I Omnes.