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  • Title: The Honest Whore, Part 1 (Quarto 2, 1604)
  • Editor: Joost Daalder
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-490-5

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    Authors: Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton
    Editor: Joost Daalder
    Peer Reviewed

    The Honest Whore, Part 1 (Quarto 2, 1604)

    Cast. I haue strange newes my Lord.
    Duk. Of what? of whom?
    2380Cast. Of Infaelice, and a mariage.
    Du. Ha! where? with whom.
    Cast. Hipolito. Geo. Here my Lord.
    Du. Hence with that woman, voyd the roome.
    Flu. Away, the Duke's vext.
    2385Geo. Whoop, come mistris the Duke's mad too. Exeunt.
    Du. Who told me that Hipolito was dead?
    Cast. He that can make any man dead, the Doctor: but
    my Lord, hees as full of life as wilde-fire; and as quick: Hipo-
    lito, the Doctor, and one more rid hence this euening; the
    2390Inne at which they light is Bethlem Monastarie: Infaeliche
    comes from Bergamo, and meetes them there: Hipolito is
    mad, for he meanes this day to be maryed, the after-noone is
    the houre, and Frier Anselmo is the knitter.
    Du. From Bergamo? ist possible? it cannot be,
    2395It cannot be.
    Cast. I will not sweare my Lord,
    But this intelligence I tooke from one,
    Whose braines workes in the plot.
    Du. Whats he? Cast. Mathaeo.
    2400Flu. Mathaeo knowes all. Pio. Hees Hipolitoes bosome.
    Duke. How farre stands Bethlem hence?
    Omn. Six or seauen miles.
    Duke. Ist euen so, not maried till the afternoone you say?
    Stay, stay, lets worke out some preuention: how:
    2405This is most strange, can none but mad-men serue
    To dresse their wedding dinner? All of you,
    Get presently to horse; disguise your selues
    Like Countrie-Gentlemen,
    Or riding cittizens, or so: and take
    2410Each man a seuerall path, but let vs meete,
    At Bethlem Monasterie, some space of time
    Being spent betweene the arriuall each of other,
    As if we came to see the Lunaticks.
    To horse, away, be secret on your liues,
    2415Loue must be punisht that vniustly thriues. Exeunt.
    Flu. Be secret on your liues! Castruchio