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  • Title: An Humorous Day's Mirth: List of Characters
  • Author: Eleanor Lowe

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    Author: Eleanor Lowe
    Peer Reviewed

    List of Characters

    1Characters in the Play

    Lemot, the King始s minion
    Catalian, gentleman gallant, Lemot始s friend
    Colinet, gentleman, cousin to Count Moren

    Blanvel, a gallant
    Rowley, a gallant, cousin to Colinet
    Berger, a gallant

    King of France
    Queen of France

    5 Count Labervele, an old man
    Florila, his young puritan wife
    Dowsecer, his melancholic son (from a previous marriage)
    Lavel, Dowsecer始s friend

    Count Moren, a young man
    Countess Moren, his jealous older wife

    Foyes, an old gentleman justice
    Martia, his daughter
    Labesha, a gull, suitor to Martia

    Verone, host of an ordinary
    Boy, his son
    Jaques, Verone始s servant
    Jaquena, Verone始s maid