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  • Title: Additional Footnotes to An Humorous Day's Mirth
  • Author: Eleanor Lowe
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-513-1

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    Author: Eleanor Lowe
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Additional Footnotes to An Humorous Day's Mirth

    Hiding Catalian

    Catalian’s last designated lines in Scene 4 are TLN 297-300, but it is apparent that he remains onstage until the end of the scene, since Lemot refers to him as ‘sirrah’ at TLN 421. Since Lemot talks about Labervele and his wife at TLN 421-422 it seems logical to assume that Labervele exits with Florila, so that the only remaining character onstage to necessitate Exeunt, instead of Exit, must be Catalian. If it weren’t for these two clues, the most obvious place for Catalian to exit would be as Lemot enters at TLN 310. Since no reference is made to Catalian throughout the rest of the scene it seems that he lingers onstage, witnessing Lemot’s cunning, but hidden from Florila and Labervele, the latter thinking he has rid himself of Catalian. The actor playing Catalian may have used the stage posts to conceal himself from view, or maybe he was hidden behind hangings on the frons.

    This is the not the first example of a scene in which Catalian disappears. In Scene 2, he advises Lemot that Blanvel has ‘taken up his stand’ (TLN 111), which is his last line in the scene. Since Colinet exits to visit Martia at TLN 127, this edition includes Catalian (who next appears in Florila’s private walk) in the general exit of Lemot and Blanvel at the end of scene. Blanvel, another character who systematically disappears from scenes, is discussed in Staging the Card Game.