Digital Renaissance Editions

Author: Thomas Dekker
Editor: Joost Daalder
Not Peer Reviewed

The Honest Whore, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1630)

The Honest Whore.
Would show well, if they were not borrowed.
The sound of thy low fortunes drew me hither,
I giue my selfe vnto thee, prethee vse me,
I will bestow on you a suite of Sattin,
1445And all things else to fit a Gentleman,
Because I loue you.
Mat. Thankes, good Noble Knight.
Lod. Call on me when you please,
Till then farewell. Exit.
1450Mat. Hast angled? hast cut vp this fresh Salmon?
Bel. Wudst haue me be so base?
Mat. It's base to steale, it's base to be a whore:
Thou't be more base, Ile make thee keepe a doore. Exit.
Orl. I hope he will not sneake away with all the money,
1455will he?
Bel. Thou seest he does.
Orl. Nay then it's well. I set my braines vpon an vpright
Last; tho my wits be old, yet they are like a witherd pip-
pin, wholsome. Looke you, Mistris, I told him I had but sixe
1460duckets of the (Knaue) Broker, but I had eight, and kept
these two for you.
Bel. Thou shouldst haue giuen him all.
Orl. What, to flie hie?
Bel. Like waues, my misery driues on misery. Exit.
1465Orl. Sell his wiues cloathes from her backe? does any
Poulterers wife pull chickins aliue? He Riots all abroad,
wants all at home; he Dices, whores, swaggers, sweares,
cheates, borrowes, pawnes: Ile giue him hooke and line,
a little more for all this.
1470Yet sure i'th end he'll delude all my hopes,
And shew me a French tricke danc'd on the ropes. Exit.

Enter at one doore Lodouico and Carolo; at another Bots,
and Mistris Horsleach; Candido and his wife
appeare in the Shop.
1475Lod. Hist, hist, Lieutenant Bots, how do'st, man?
Car. Whither are you ambling, Madam Horsleach?
F 2 Hors.