The Epistle Dedicatory.
that were neuer thought. But in a word your
poore seruant offers the truth of his progresse and
0.40profit to your honorable view, receiue it I beseech
you, such as it is, rude and plaine, for I know your
pure iudgement, lookes as soone to see beauty in a
Blackamoore, or heare smooth speech from a
Stammerer, as to finde any thing, but blunt mirth
0.45in a Morrice dauncer, especially such a one as Will
Kemp, that hath spent his life in mad Iigges and
merry iestes. Three reasons mooue mee to make
publik this iourney, one to reproue lying fooles I
neuer knew: the other to cōmend louing friends,
0.50which by the way I daily found: the third to shew
my duety to your honorable selfe, whose fauours
(among other bountifull friends) makes me (di-
spight of this sad world) iudge my hart Corke, &
my heeles feathers, so that me thinkes I could flye
0.55to Rome (at least hop to Rome, as the olde Pro-
uerb is) with a morter on my head: In which light
conceite I lowly begge pardon and leaue, for my
Tabrer strikes his huntsup, I must to Norwich: I-
magine Noble Mistris, I am now setting from my
0.60Lord Mayors, the houre about seauen, the mor-
ning gloomy, the company many, my hart merry.

Your worthy Ladiships most
vnworthy seruant,
William Kemp.