0.15To the true Ennobled Lady, and his
most bountifull Mistris, Mistris Anne Fitton,
Mayde of Honour to the most sacred Mayde
Royall Queene Elizabeth.

HOnorable Mistris in the waine of
0.20my litle wit, I am forst to desire your
protection, else euery Ballad-singer
will proclaime me bankrupt of ho-
nesty. A sort of mad fellows seeing
me merrily dispos'd in a Morrice, haue so be-
0.25painted mee in print since my gambols began
from London to Norwich, that (hauing but an ill
face before) I shall appeare to the world without
a face, if your fayre hand wipe not away their
foule coulors. One hath written Kemps farewell to
0.30the tune of Kery, mery, Buffe: another his despe-
rate daungers in his late trauaile: the third his en-
tertainement to New-Market; which towne I
come neuer neere by the length of halfe the heath.
Some sweare in a Trenchmore I haue trode a
0.35good way to winne the world: others that guesse
righter, affirme, I haue without good help daunst
my selfe out of the world: many say many thinges
A 3