The second day's journey, being Thursday 95of the first week.
Thursday being Market day at Brentwood, Tom Sly was earlier up than the lark and sounded merrily the morris. I roused myself and returned from Romford to the place where 100I took horse the first night, dancing that quarter of a mile back again through Romford, and so merrily to Brentwood. Yet now I remember it well, I had no great cause of mirth, for at Romford town's end I strained my hip, and for a time endured 105exceeding pain. But being loath to trouble a surgeon, I held on, finding remedy by labor that had hurt me, for it came in a turn, and so in my dance I turned it out of my service again.
The multitudes were so great at my coming 110to Brentwood that I had much ado, though I made many entreaties and stays, to get passage to my inn.
In this town two cutpurses were taken, that with other two of their companions followed me 115from London, as many better disposed persons did; but these two didappers gave out when they were apprehended that they had laid wagers and betted about my journey. Whereupon the officers bring ing them to my inn, I justly denied their acquaintance, 120saving that I remembered one of them to be a noted cutpurse, such a one as we tie to a post on our stage for all people to wonder at when at a play they are taken pilfering.
This fellow and his half brother, being found with 125the deed, were sent to jail; their other two consorts had the charity of the town, and after a dance of trenchmore at the whipping cross, they were sent back to London, where I am afraid there are too many of their occupation. To be short, I 130thought myself well rid of four such followers, and I wish heartily that the whole world were clear of such companions.
Having rested well at Brentwood, the moon shining clearly and the weather being calm, in 135the evening I tripped it to Ingatestone, stealing away from those numbers of people that followed me. Yet do I what I could, I had above fifty in the company -- some of London, the other of the country thereabout -- that would needs when they heard my 140tabor trudge after me through thick and thin.