The Prologue.
Interpone tuis interdum gaudia curis
Ut po s s is animo quemues sufferre laborem
Doo any of you knowe what latine is this
0.015Or ells wold you haue, an expositorem
To declare it in Engly she, per sensum planiorem
It is be st I speake Engly she, or ells with in a whylle
I may percace myne owne selfe, with my latin begile.

The two verses, which I rehersid before
0.020I fine written, in the boke of Cato the wyse
Emongs good precepts, of lyuing a thousand more
Which to folowe there, he doth all men auise
And they may be Engly shed, breflie in this wyse
Emongs thy carful busines, use sume time mirth & ioye
0.025That no bodilye worke, thy wyttes breke or noye.

For the mynd (saith he) in serious matters occupied
Yf it haue not sum quiet mirthe, and recreacion
Interchaungeable admired, mu st niddes be sone weried
And (as who should saye) tried, through continual opera(cion)
0.030Of labour and busines, without relaxacion
Therfore intermix hone st mirthe, in suche wise
That your strēght may be refre shid, & to labours suffise

For as meat and drinke, naturall re st and slepe
For the conseruacion, and helth of the bodye
0.035Mu st niddes be had, soo the mynd and wittes to kepe
Pregnant, fre she indu struis, quike and lu stie
Hone st mirthe, and pa stime, is requisite and nece s s arie
For, Quod caret alterna re quie dut abile non e st
Nothing may endure (saith Ouyd) with out sum re st.