As recordeth the same Tullius cõmending him bi name
Wherfore this maker deliteth pa s s inglie well
60Too folow his arguments and to draw out the same
For to make at seasuns cõuenient pa stims mirth & game
As now he hath don this matter nor worthe an oy ster shel
Except percace it shall fortune too make you laugh well

And for that purpose oonlye this maker did it write
65Taking the ground therof out of Plautus fir st cõmedie
And the fir st scentence of ye same for higher things endite
In no wise he wold, for yet the tyme is so quesie
That he that speakith be st, is le st thanke worthie
Therfore sithe nothing but trifles may be had
70you shall heare a thing yt onlie shal make you merie & glad

And suche a trifling matter as when it shalbe done
you may report and saye ye haue hearde nothing at all
Therfore I tell you all, before it bee begone
That no man looke to heare of mattiers fub stancyall
75Nor mattiers of any grauitee either great or small
For this maker shewed vs that suche maner things
Doo neuer well besime litle boyes handelinges

Wherfore yf he wylnot sowrelie your broues bend
At suche a fanta sticall conceite as this
80But can be content to heare and see the ende
I woll goo shew the actours what your pleasure is
Which to wait vpoon you I know bee redie or this
I woll goo send them hither in too your presens
Desiryng that they may haue quiet audience