30Example proufe her of in erth is well founde
Manife st open and verie euident
For except the husband man suffer his ground
Sum tymes to re st, it woll bere no frute verament
Therfore the leat the filde lye euerie second yere
35To the end that aftir re st it may the better corne beare

Thus than (as I haue sayed) it is a thing naturall
And naturallie belonging to all liuing creatures
And vnto man especiallie aboue others all
To haue at times cõueniẽt, pa staũce, mirthe & pleasurs
40So they be ioyned Wt hone stie & keape Wt in due mesars
And the same well allowen not onlye the said Cato
But also ye Philosophers, Plutarke, Socrates & Plato

And Cicero Tullius a man sapient and wyse
Willeth the same in that his fir st boke
45Which he wrot and entytelid of an hone st mans office
Who so is disposid therupon to looke
Wher to define and affirme he boldlie on him tooke
That to heare Enterluds is pa stime conuenient
For all maner men, and a thing congruent

50He rekeneth that namelie as a verie hone st disport
And a boue all other thinges commendeth ye old cõmedie
The hearing of which may doo the mynd cumfort
For they be repleni shed with precepts of Philosophie
The conteine mutch wisdome & teache prudent pollecie
55and though thei be al writẽ of mattiers of non ĩportaũce
yet the shew great wite and mutch pretie conueiaunce

And in this maner of making Plautus did excell