The Prologue.
The time, the place, the Authours here mo st plainely shall it finde,
Loe this I speake for our defence, le st of others wee should be shent:
45But worthy Audience, wee you pray, take thinges as they be ment,
Whose vpright Iudgement wee doo craue, with heedefull eare and Eye,
To here the cause, and see theffect of this newe Tragicall Commedie.


The Speakers names.

50 Ari stippus, a pleasant Gentilman.
Carisophus, a Para site.
Damon. } two gentlemen of Greece.
Stephano, seruant to Damon and Pithias.
55 Will, Ari stippus lackey.
Iacke, Carisophus lackey.
Snap, the Porter.
Dioni sius, the Kynge.
Eubulus, the Kynges counselour.
60 Gronno, the Hangman.
Grimme, the Colyer.