0.001 The excellent Comedie of
two the mo st faithfulle st
Freendes, Damon and Pithias.

Newly Imprinted, as the same was shewed be-
0.005fore the Queenes Maie stie, by the Children of her Graces
Chappell, except the Prologue that is somewhat al-
tered for the proper vse of them that hereafter
shall haue occa sien to plaie it, either in
Priuate, or open Audience. Made
0.010by Mai ster Edwards, then beynge
Mai ster of the Children.

Imprinted at London in
Fleetelane by Richarde Iohnes, and are to be
0.015 solde at his shop, ioyning to the Southwe st
doore of Paules Churche.