The second Part of
If you know not mee, you
know no bodie:

0.15With the building of the Exchange.

1Actus Prima. Scena Prima.

Enter one of Greshams Factors and a Barbary Marchant.
MY Master sir, requests your companie,
5About confirming certaine couenants
Touching your last nights conference.
Marchant. The Sugars.
Beleeue me, to his credite be it spoke,
Hee is a man of heedfull prouidence,
10And one that by innatiue courtesie
Winnes loue from Strangers, be it without offence,
How are his present fortunes reckoned?
Fact. Neither to flatter nor detract from him,
He is a Marchant of good estimate,
15Care how to get, and fore-cast to encrease,
(If so they be accounted) be his faults.
Mar. They are especiall vertues, being cleare
From auarice and base extortion.
But here he comes: Good day, to M. Gresham,
20You keepe your word.
A 2