Digital Renaissance Editions

Author: Thomas Dekker
Editor: Joost Daalder
Not Peer Reviewed

The Honest Whore, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1630)

The Honest Whore.
Wormeaten, doe not you know him?
2890Hors. Lieutenant Bots, where haue yee beene this many a
Bots. Old Bawd, doe not discredit me, seeme not to
know me.
Hors. Not to know yee, Master Bots? as long as I haue
2895breath, I cannot forget thy sweet face.
Duke. Why, doe you know him? he saies he is a Sol-
Cat. He a Soldier? a Pander, a Dog that will licke vp sixe
pence: doe yee heare, you Master Swines snout, how long is't
2900since you held the doore for me, and cried too't agen, no
body comes, yee Rogue you?
Omnes. Ha, ha, ha, y'are smelt out agen, Bots.
Bots. Pox ruyne her nose for't, and I be not reuenged for
this --vm yee Bitch.
2905Lod. Dee yee heare yee Madam? why does your Ladiship
swagger thus? y'are very braue, me thinkes.
Cat. Not at your cost, Master Cods-head,
Is any man here bleare-eyed to see me braue?
Ast. Yes, I am,
2910Because good Cloathes vpon a Whores backe
Is like faire painting vpon a rotten wall.
Cat. Mary muffe Master Whoremaster, you come vpon
me with sentences.
Ber. By this light has small sence for't.
2915Lod. O fie, fie, doe not vex her.
And yet me thinkes a creature of more scuruy conditions
Should not know what a good Petticoate were.
Cat. Mary come out,
Y'are so busie about my Petticoate, you'll creepe vp to my
2920placket, and yee cood but attaine the honour, but and the
outsides offend your Rogueships, looke o'the lining, 'tis
Duke. Is't Silke 'tis lined with then?
Cat. Silke? I Silke, Master Slaue, you wud bee glad to
2925wipe your nose with the skirt on't: this 'tis to come a-
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