Digital Renaissance Editions

Author: Thomas Dekker
Editor: Joost Daalder
Not Peer Reviewed

The Honest Whore, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1630)

The Honest Whore.
to both your Coffins when you come from hanging-Scab?
2745Orl. Fie, Puncke, fie, fie, fie.
Dor. Out you stale stinking head of Garlicke, foh, at my
Orl. My head's clouen.
Hip. O, let the Gentlewoman alone, she's going to shrift.
2750Ast. Nay to doe penance.
Car. I, I, goe Puncke, goe to the Crosse and be whipt.
Dor. Mary mew, mary muffe, mary hang you goodman
Dog: whipt? doe yee take me for a base Spittle whore? in
troth Gentlemen, you weare the cloathes of Gentlemen, but
2755you carry not the mindes of Gentlemen, to abuse a Gentle-
woman of my fashion.
Lod. Fashion? pox a your fashions, art not a whore?
Dor. Goodman Slaue.
Duke. O fie, abuse her not, let vs two talke,
2760What mought I call your name, pray?
Cor. I'm not ashamed of my name, Sir, my name is Mistris
Doll Target, a Westerne Gentlewoman.
Lod. Her Target against any Pike in Millan.
Duke. Why is this wheele borne after her?
27651. Master. She must spinne.
Dor. A coorse thred it shall be, as all threds are.
Ast. If you spin, then you'll earne money here too?
Dor. I had rather get halfe a Crowne abroad, then ten
Crownes here.
2770Orl. Abroad? I thinke so.
Infae. Doest thou not weepe now thou art here?
Dor. Say yee? weepe? yes forsooth, as you did when
you lost your Maidenhead: doe you not heare how I weep?
2775Lod. Farewell Doll.
Dor. Farewell Dog. Exit.
Duke. Past shame: past penitence, why is that blue Gowne?
1. Master. Being stript out of her wanton loose attire,
That Garment she puts on, base to the eye,
2780Onely to cloath her in humility.