Digital Renaissance Editions

Author: Thomas Dekker
Editor: Joost Daalder
Not Peer Reviewed

The Honest Whore, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1630)

The Honest Whore.
Duke. Those onely shall be caught that are of note,
Harlots in each street flow:
2175The fish being thus i'th net, our selfe will sit,
And with eye most seuere dispose of it. ---come, Girle.
Car. Araigne the poore Whore.
Ast. Ile not misse that Sessions.
Font. Nor I.
2180Ber. Nor I,
Tho I hold vp my hand there my selfe. Exeunt.

Enter Matheo, Orlando, and Lodouico.
Mat. Let who will come (my Noble Shauileir) I can but
play the kind Hoast, and bid vm welcome.
2185Lod. We'll trouble your house (Matheo) but as Dutchmen
doe in Tauernes (drinke, be merry, and be gone.)
Orl. Indeed if you be right Dutchmen, if you fall to drink-
ing, you must be gone.
Mat. The worst is, my wife is not at home; but we'll flie
2190hie (my generous Knight) for all that: there's no Musike
when a woman is in the consort.
Orl. No, for she's like a paire of Virginals,
Alwaies with Iackes at her taile.

Enter Astolfo, Carolo, Beraldo, Fontinell.
2195Lod. See, the Couy is sprung.
Omnes. Saue you Gallants.
Mat. Happily encounterd, sweet bloods.
Lod. Gentlemen, you all know Signior Candido, the Linnen
Draper, he that's more patient then a browne Baker, vpon
2200the day when he heates his Ouen, and has forty Scolds a-
bout him.
Omnes. Yes, we know him all, what of him?
Lod. Wud it not be a good fit of mirth, to make a piece
of English cloth of him, and to stretch him on the Tainters,
2205till the threds of his owne naturall humor cracke, by ma-
king him drinke healths, Tobacco, dance, sing bawdy songs,
or to run any bias according as we thinke good to cast him?