Digital Renaissance Editions

Authors: Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton
Editor: Joost Daalder
Peer Reviewed

The Honest Whore, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1604)

Cram. No matter, weele in.
Poh. Sbloud doest long to lye in Limbo?
Cram. And Limbo be in hell, I care not.
2040Cand. Looke you Gentlemen, your choise: Cambricks?
Cramb. No sir, some shirting.
Cand. You shall.
Cram. Haue you none of this strip'd Canuas for doublets.
Cand. None strip'd sir, but plaine.
20452. Pren. I thinke there be one peece strip'd within.
Geo. Step sirra and fetch it, hum, hum hum.
Cand. Looke you Gentlemen, Ile make but one spred-
ding, heres a peece of cloth, fine, yet shall weare like Yron, tis
without fault, take this vpon my word, tis without fault.
2050Cram. Then tis better than you sirra.
Cand. I, and a number more, ô that each soule
Were but as spotlesse as this Innocent white,
And had as few brakes in it.
Cram. Twould haue some then: there was a fray here last
2055day in this shop.
Cand. There was indeed a little flea-biting.
Poh. A Gentleman had his pate broake, call you that but
a flea-biting.
Cand. He had so.
2060Cram. Zownes doe you stand in't? He strikes him.
Geo. Sfoot clubs, clubs, prentices, downe with em, ah you
roagues, strike a Citizen in's shop.
Cand. None of you stir I pray, forbeare good George.
Cram. I beseech you sir, we mistooke our markes, deliuer
2065vs our weapons.
Geo. Your head bleeds sir, cry clubs.
Cand. I say you shall not, pray be patient,
Giue them their weapons, sirs you're best be gone,
I tell you here are boyes more tough then Beares:
2070Hence, least more fists do walke about your eares.
Both. We thanke you sir. Exeunt,
Gan. You shall not follow them.
Let them alone pray, this did me no harme,
Troth I was cold, and the blow made me warme,
H I thanke