Digital Renaissance Editions

Authors: Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton
Editor: Joost Daalder
Peer Reviewed

The Honest Whore, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1604)

1475Wi. Prythee George. Geor. Well, if youle saue me
harmlesse, and put me vnder couert barne, I am content to
please you prouided it may breed no wrong against him.
Wi. No wrong at all: here take the Key, be gone:
If any vex him, this: if not this, none Exeunt.
1480SCENA 8.
Enter a Bawd and Roger.
Bawd. O Roger, Roger, where's your mistris, wher's your
mistris? there's the finest, neatest Gentleman at my house,
but newly come ouer: O where is she, where is she, where
1485is she?
Rog. My mistris is abroad, but not amongst em: my mi-
stris is not the whore now that you take her for.
Baw. How? is she not a whore? do you go about to take
away her good name, Roger? you are a fine Pandar indeed.
1490Rog. I tell you, Madona Finger-locke, I am not sad for
nothing, I ha not eaten one good meale this three & thir-
ty dayes: I had wont to get sixteene pence by fetching a
pottle of Hypocras: but now those dayes are past: we had
as good doings, Madona Finger-locke, she within dores and
1495I without, as any poore yong couple in Millain.
Baw. Gods my life, and is she chang'd now?
Rog. I ha lost by her squeamishnesse, more then would
haue builded 12. bawdy houses.
And had she no time to turn honest but now? what a vile
1500woman is this? twenty pound a night, Ile be sworne, Roger,
in good gold and no siluer: why here was a time, if she
should ha pickt out a time, it could not be better! gold y-
nough stirring; choyce of men, choyce of haire, choyce of
beards, choyce of legs, and choyce of euery, euery, euery
1505thing: it cannot sink into my head, that she should be such
an Asse. Roger, I neuer beleeue it.
Rog. Here she comes now. Enter Bellafronte.
Baw. O sweet Madona, on with your loose gowne, your
felt & your feather, there's the sweetest, proprest, gallantest
1510Gentleman at my house, he smells all of Muske & Amber
greece, his pocket full of Crownes, flame-colourd dublet,
red satin hose, Carnation silk stockins, and a leg and a bo-
dy, oh!
Bel. Hence