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  • Title: The Honest Whore, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1604)
  • Editor: Joost Daalder
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-490-5

    Copyright Digital Renaissance Editions. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Authors: Thomas Dekker, Thomas Middleton
    Editor: Joost Daalder
    Peer Reviewed

    The Honest Whore, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1604)

    Fu st . I fayth they ha pepperd me, si ster: looke, doo st not
    1360 spin? call you these Prentices? Ile nere play at cards more
    whē clubs is trump: I haue a goodly coxcomb, si ster, haue (I not?
    Cand. Si ster and brother, brother to my wife.
    Fu st . If you haue any skill in Heraldry, you may soone
    know that, break but her pate, and you shall see her blood
    1365and mine is all one.
    Can. A Surgeon, run, a Surgeon: Why then wore you
    that forged name of Cozen?
    Fu st . Because its a common thing to call Coz, and min-
    gle now adayes all the world ouer.
    1370 Cand. Cozen! A name of much deceyt, folly and sin,
    For vnder that common abused word,
    Many an hone st tempred Cityzen
    Is made a mon ster, and his wife traynd out
    To foule adulterous action, full of fraud.
    1375I may well call that word, A Cities Bawd.
    Fu st . Troth, brother, my si ster would needs ha me take
    vpon me to gull your patience a little: but it has made
    double Gules on my coxcomb.
    Wife. What, playing the woman? blabbing now you (foole?
    1380 Cand. O, my wife did but exercise a ie st vpon your wit.
    Fu st . Sfoot, my wit bleeds for't, me thinks.
    Cand. Then let this warning more of sence afford.
    The name of Cozen is a bloudy word.
    Fn st . Ile nere call Coz agen whil st I liue, to haue such
    1385a coyle about it: this should be a Coronation day; for my
    head runnes Claret lu stily. Exit. Enter an Officer.
    Can. Go with the Surgeon to haue great respect.
    How now, my friend, what, do they sit to day?
    Off . Yes sir, they expect you at the Senate-house.
    1390 Can. I thāk your paines, Ile not be la st man there. Exit Off .
    My gowne, George, goe, my gowne. A happy land,
    Where graue men meet each cause to vnder stand,
    Whose consciences are not cut out in brybes,
    To gull the poore mans right: but in euen scales,
    1395Peize rich & poore, without corruptions veyles.
    Come, wheres the gowne? Ge. I cannot find the key sir.
    Cand. Reque st it of your mi stris.
    Wife. Come
    E 4