Digital Renaissance Editions


The Digital Renaissance Editions is a collaborative enterprise, relying upon the continuing efforts and support of scholars, developers, programmers, administrators, and research assistants.

Our personnel

The Digital Renaissance Editions is deeply indebted to Internet Shakespeare Editions for their pioneering work in developing the publishing platform, editorial guidelines, and virtual infrastructure upon which both projects rely. Michael Best, Roberta Livingstone, Janelle Jenstad, and Michael S. Joyce in particular have offered invaluable support and guidance.

Our editorial and advisory boards composed of international distinguished scholars, theater professionals, and technical advisors, all of whom contribute their time and expertise as volunteers.

The plays are being edited by one or more scholars, working in institutions around the world.

Thanks to our gifted programmer and developer, Maxwell Terpstra, and our talented illustrator, Jillian Player.

Our supporters

Our chief supporter is the Internet Shakespeare Editions, who in turn is supported by several departments of the University of Victoria:

We are also deeply indebted to the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies at the University of Western Australia for grant and development support in the form of a University Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2010-2013) and a Research Development Award (2011).